Borneo-China 4x4 Expedition 2009

Event Overview  活动概括

Since the launching in September 2007, our Borneo-Beijing Olympic Safari, being the first ever grand event, has received overwhelming response and attention from the public and officials.  However, due to several incidents occurred in China since early 2008, our visiting visa was refused by the Chinese authority due to security reasons for Beijing Olympics.

However, most of our members are still very eager to fulfill this once-in-a-lifetime personal experience and achievement by driving our own 4x4 vehicles through the roads in Malaysia, Thailand and China as the Chinese proverbs goes:  “bu den chan chen fei hou han, bu dao huang her xin bu se”.

Hence, through our reformation, we have about 30 members and ten 4x4 vehicles from Malaysia and Brunei to form the Borneo to China 4x4 Expedition 2009.  Our convoy is scheduled to flag off from Miri on 12th April 2009, enroute through whole Sarawak, then shipped to Peninsular Malaysia.  From Kuala Lumpur, we will head for Thailand, Laos and finally arrive in south-western China in May.

Our convoy will move on through Southern China, towards Central China, finally reach Beijing in mid May.  Thereafter, we will head for east coastal Chinese cities and then to South China.  Finally, our convoy will return through Laos, Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and back to Sarawak after mid-June.

This expedition will take about 70 days to complete and covers a total of 21,000 kilometres.  To all participants, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is not a matter of money, it is about one’s personal physical and mental endurance; and the reward will be a personal witness of most of the outstanding tourism spots throughout the journey.

Beside the above, every participant will be able to contribute one way or another in social welfare and charity works.  Last but not least, we can be the ambassadors to promote tourism between Malaysia and the host countries.


Dr Ling Tung King

(Event Promoter/Director)

2009 婆罗洲至中国四驱车友好远征